College Application Deadlines For Fall 2022 You Should Know About

Updated: Jun 30

Thinking of applying overseas to study in 2022? Now is the perfect time to begin preparing and piecing together your application.

The applications for fall 2022 programs including the Common Application and Coalition for College, will open on August 1, 2021 and while most colleges follow the same dates, colleges that have proprietary applications, may differ. That being said, most universities normally open their application intake in the months of August – September. Students are expected to complete the general application components before this date.

The application components for most colleges are the same. However, depending on the application components, colleges have different deadlines. The basic deadlines include early action, early decision, regular decision and rolling admission.

Keeping in mind the deadlines, let’s review the important supplements:

- College essays – Begin work on your statement of purpose/personal statements well in advance, draft several versions, get feedback, incorporate the modifications and finalize.

- Letters of Recommendation – Always ask teachers and counsellors who know you well and would be able to vouch for you as an excellent choice for the program. Since these letters take time and effort, it’s best to not leave these till the last moment. You would need these especially if you are applying in the early action/early decision slots - reach out to your faculty members now.

- School Transcripts - Arrange for copies of the official high school/college transcripts.

- Standardised Test Scores – These include the SAT/ACT scores or any other test scores that are required for admission. You can list your unofficial scores on the application; however

the official scores will have to be submitted on admission.

Now that we’ve covered the opening dates and the supplements to the application, let’s look at the deadlines for next year. The deadlines given below are on the basis of application and admission.

Application Deadline Admission Deadline

Early action before November 2021

Early decision November 2021 December 2021

Regular decision December/ Early Jan 2022 March/ April 2022

Rolling Admission depends on available slots and on date of submission

Early Action Deadlines

Early action deadlines give students the opportunity to apply and find out if they have been accepted, before the regular admissions begin. Most colleges set November as the early action dates every year. However, you must check with the school of choice for the exact dates. If you apply during this period, you can expect to hear from the college by December. Early action gives you a higher chance of acceptance; you have a decision earlier in the year and can plan accordingly. It allows you to compare the colleges you’ve been admitted to and therefore, make a well-informed decision. The national response deadline is May 1, which gives you enough time to commit to the best option.

One of the other results from applying in the early action slot is deferment. This would imply that your application would be sent to the regular decision applicant pool. Although deferment isn’t what we’re looking for, if this does happen, it gives you a chance to get in touch with the admissions committee. This will aid in improving the application which in turn may increase your chances of getting in through the r