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#AAClientSuccessStories | How We Helped Our Client Bag an Honors Scholarship Worth INR 50 Lakhs

We at Application Ally strive to bring out the best in our clients to help them achieve their dream of studying abroad. To us, no two clients are the same. Every student that comes to us with the dream of studying abroad has a different story to tell and our boutique agency makes it a point to identify and put forward this story. Take Nysa for example, not only did we help her identify suitable programs we dove deep into her personal life and helped her put together a story that showed why she was deserving of these acceptances. It worked!

Breaking Down Our Narrative Arc Process:

  • After realising that Nysa is interested in Business we first helped her find the right course for her at Northeastern University. We wanted to take advantage of her strong profile and hence we urged her to apply for the University Honours Program with a major in business.

  • The next step was to focus on her application content. For this, we held numerous meetings with Nysa to understand her personal, professional and educational background. We wanted to get a deep insight into her interests, motivations, skills and inspirations. This activity helped us understand the narrative that Nysa’s application would follow.

  • Nysa has her own thrift store business and since she was applying for a business program we made sure that we focused on that in the application. Besides, the business Nysa has interned with numerous companies and volunteered with a host of non-profit organisations. She also started a page on Instagram for covid relief and was the founder of many blogs where she published articles about mental health and business. We made sure that we drew the connection between all her activities such that the university knows that Nysa is a driven, motivated, passionate and solution oriented girl who wants to be a woman in business while keeping social welfare at the heart of her endeavours.

Exploring Her Personal Story

  • Furthermore, we also successfully were able to highlight Nysa’s personal life as someone who has battled with mental health and despite that grown to be a young business aspirant. This angle helped us leverage Nysa’s empathetic nature and prove that she has the power to be a high-impact change maker.

  • Finally, we made sure her Common App Essay highlights the kind of person Nysa is. Instead of focusing on all her activities as others might, we chose to focus on her strong personality. A girl who helped her mother financially after her divorce and a girl who helped her peers find the right mental health resources/professionals through her Instagram page ‘The Coping Centre’. We made sure that the university knows that Nysa is someone who will constantly empower those around her and strive to make a positive difference in the community. On the other hand, we used the common app activities section to highlight the most important of Nysa’s work and activities, making sure we highlight the skills she’s gained in the process.

Interview Prep:

  • We also helped Nysa prepare for her alumni and admission committee interviews. We shared with her interview tips and strategies, and mock questions. We also conducted numerous mock interviews so that she is fully prepared.

With Nysa’s hard work and our rigorous process of getting her ready, she was able to bag the Honors Scholarship of USD 16000 per year and USD 64000 in total.

We’re so proud of how far she’s come!

Do you have a similar dream of studying abroad with the best that’s there to offer?

Let us help you! Reach out to Application Ally today.

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