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#AAClientSuccessStories | How We Helped Our Client Get Admits To Top Economics Programs In The UK

Our client came to us with a dream of studying Economics abroad. Here’s how we gave structure to this dream - through a strategic road map. We sat with her to discover her story and identified her strengths. We played up these key strengths and helped her write an essay that got her admission to EVERY program she applied to. Keep reading to know more about her case study.

Breaking Down Our Narrative Arc Process:

  • While having conversations with Isha, we realised that she was not only interested in economics but also finance and business. Furthermore, social service and serving underprivileged communities was a major part of her profile.

  • So firstly we researched and helped find the correct Master’s degrees for her which included a perfect mix of economics, finance, strategy and management.

Crafting Her Essays:

  • Firstly we helped Isha shed light on the socio-economic research that she had conducted in her undergraduate degree on the Covid-19 response of countries. This helped connect her research to her interests in economic and development policies and took her application one notch higher!

  • Additionally, in her essay, we helped her find a middle ground for her varied interests and connect it to her career goals. We leveraged her strong experience of working with grassroots communities and passion for business and economics to talk about her specific career goal of kickstarting a social entrepreneurship endeavour that provides data-backed solutions to mitigate the impact of economic and financial policy shortcomings to protect the needs and rights of underserved communities.

Through our strategy and her hard work, we helped our client get admits to top economics programs in the UK and she got admitted to all the universities she applied to. Some of these names are London School of Economics, University College London, Kings College London, Imperial College London, and Warwick University.

We’re so proud of her wins!

Do you have a similar dream of studying abroad with the best that’s there to offer?

Let us help you!

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