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Why US?


We’re not talking to you from across the desk but have been in your shoes. We know the process, the long hours required and most importantly the challenges that students face as they navigate an unfamiliar system.  We not only bring a relatability factor to the table, but our academic and professional excellence allows us to provide verified guidance on what works and what doesn’t.


The risk with choosing a  traditional consulting company lies in the lack of personalized support - not only from an academic standpoint but also a professional one. Our goal is not to secure you just any admit but rather to secure admission to the university that is right for you. We won’t provide you with a pre-designed, overused list of colleges but will gear our research to your particular interests. This ensures that we find the right fit for you and also be mindful of the university’s academic ethical standards. To summarize, no two people are the same and neither are their experiences -  which is why at Application Ally no two applications will be the same.



Your school, teachers and parents have been key factors in your educational journey so far and they should continue to be a part of it till the finish line. We don’t want to come in as outsiders and define your application, instead, we want to tap into your existing support system. Our flexible program allows us to reach out to, and work hand-in-hand with your network to add credibility and provide transparency to your application.


Your grades define only 20% of your application. Extracurriculars, recommendation letters and your community service are also what an admission committee looks for to determine the value that you will add to their institution. As the Board Members of a non-profit organization, over 5 years we have worked with more than 2000 individuals to help them highlight these qualities. We will provide you with internship, volunteering and leadership opportunities with our non-profit as well as partner organizations to support your application.


Access to someone that has studied at your dream school is an invaluable resource. For most students, a university's identity is defined by its virtual presence and they use that to justify their university choice in their application.  But a stellar application moves beyond what’s on the internet. We connect you with current students and alumni from your target institutions to help you learn little known facts about your future universities that not only impress the admissions committee but also help you make an informed decision.


Certain institutions, especially ivy league universities like to put a face to the application they receive. With only a select few students chosen for an interview, there is an added layer of competition for this stage. Unlike traditional job interviews, university interviews do not test your technical skills but are on the lookout for your interpersonal skills, problem-solving capacity and diversity. The interview process is an art, but there is a science to ace it and we help you master both.


Wading through the application process can be nerve-wracking. More than that, moving to an unfamiliar country, working with a new grading system and staying away from your family can be anxiety-inducing. With one of us being a licensed counsellor, we can provide in-house mental health support- not only throughout the application process but even after you have made the move.


New grading system, Turnitin, Referencing, Campus Administration, Accommodation, Finances- there’s a lot to discuss even after you accept an offer. We conduct workshops on these topics and more, to give you an insight on how best to optimise your resources in a foreign country, how the grading system works and how to navigate overall college life.

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