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5 Reasons Why You Should Consider A Student Mentorship Platform While Applying Abroad

Updated: Jan 27, 2021

The process of applying for overseas studies can be a tedious one. To tackle this, proper guidance and assistance with the application process makes access to quality foreign education easily achievable. At Application Ally, we, Anushka Desai and Arya Diwase, strive to handhold you through this process and be there by your side every step of the way.

Anushka Desai & Arya Diwase, Co-Founders of Application Ally

Why should you pick us over other education consultants, you ask? Apart from having a non-traditional, customised approach to every applicant, we take pride in having a process that is born from experience. With over 2.8 crore in scholarship funding and admittance to more than half of the Ivy League schools, we know the processes inside-out. Having secured acceptances from several universities, we understand what it takes to curate an application that will secure an admit. Through experience, we have created a tried-and-tested process that has been successful since the launch of our boutique student mentorship program. If you or your child are on the lookout for experts to guide you through your overseas education journey, here are 5 reasons why you should get in touch with us. Read to discover more.

Non-Traditional Consulting Services

We at Application Ally understand that the application process is more than just information on a piece of paper; it requires a human touch and interaction. And that is just what we have to offer, we are always available to assist you, every step of the way. As a student mentor and friend, we are here to facilitate, guide and advise you through the entire journey, making it smooth sailing through and through.

Advantage Of First-Hand Insight Into The Process

Having experienced the entire application process first hand, we possess valuable insight into the working of the entire process, the education system as well as the stressors and pressures that student’s face. The services we provide are tailored to suit the requirements of each student. Our personalized and student-oriented approach gives us an edge over other consulting agencies.

Chronicling Your Story In The Best Light

The admission committee is interested in your story. It helps them decide whether you would make a great fit for the program. Working personally with each student aids in understanding them better. This helps us achieve a deeper understanding of each applicant’s story. This enables us to portray them in the best version of themselves and not just give a bird’s eye view. This is exactly what any admission committee is looking for - a thoughtfully spun story.

Taking Care Of The Technicalities

While applying, a whole host of information and material is thrown at you – data, statistics and deadlines among other things. This could create a lot of confusion and chaos in an applicant’s mind. Being university students ourselves, we understand the need to weed out redundant and dubious data and information. We cut right through the noise and filter out the facts and statistics that you need to focus on.

Unbiased & Equitable Educational Opportunities For Clients

Most consulting firms function on the model where they have tie-ups with specific universities. They work towards getting you an admission with the universities on a fixed roster and not in the university of your choice. We don’t contest that these are good universities, but wouldn’t you prefer a partnership where your priorities are taken into consideration? Our platform has no such agency ties. Although our pricing structure is different, we recognize university education as an investment and pride ourselves in staying true to the choices and needs of the student, even if they differ from our own.

Since Application Ally’s launch in March 2020, we have had a 100% admit rate and scholarship funding worth 1 crore for all our applicants at notable universities like Columbia University, UChicago, King’s College London, NYU, Tufts University, Cambridge School of Visual & Performing Arts, Hertie School and more to name a few. You can be a part of this successful roster. Let us guide you through this process, to get in touch with us visit:

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