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Our hourly consultations are an alternative to the cohort system. They act as quick fixes to any application roadblocks you face. The founders are available to consult you for a short duration and resolve queries, doubts, and give feedback on specific application materials.


Every year, a handful of students are selected to join the Application Ally cohort. If you are selected to be a part of the cohort, you have the opportunity to work directly with the founders on all aspects of your application process. A smaller group allows for personalized and individualised support. As a part of the Application Ally cohort, you will join a network of high achieving college aspirants.



Application Ally is launching a Summer Boot Camp series designed by subject experts to engage high school students in meaningful skill development and extracurricular opportunities that better prepare them for university. 


We want these boot camps to move beyond traditional impersonal courses and have tangible outcomes such as a publishable research paper, a prototype, an execution report or even a completed business blueprint, to add greater value to college applications.  These tangible outcomes would aid understanding of the subject area, build a specific skill set and improve college preparedness.


1. What is the difference between the Cohort and Quick Consultations?

Ans :  Joining the cohort would give one the opportunity to work directly with the founders on all aspects of the application process for the entire process period. Quick Consultations are hourly consultations wherein the founders are available for a short duration to assist you. 


2. Can I avail multiple General Consults?

Ans :  Yes, you can avail more than one General Consult. Feel free to book as many general consultations you require through our website portal. 


3. Does Application Ally only help in applying to US and UK colleges?

Ans : AA services are not limited to only the US and UK application. We assist clients with applications to several other countries such as Canada, Singapore, France, Germany, New Zealand, Australia and even certain colleges in India. 


4. Do you assist with PhD applications?

Ans : No. We only assist with undergraduate and postgraduate degree applications.


5. Why do you only work with a few people in your cohort every year?

Ans : At Application Ally, we strive to provide personalised and hands on guidance to our clients. Smaller cohorts enable us to spend more time understanding a client’s narrative ans assisting them with the process. It helps us produce high quality work that is reflective in our admits. 

6. How can I guarantee that I get selected to be a part of your cohort? 

Ans : There are multiple factors that we consider while admitting someone to our cohort. As a company, we prioritise diversity, unique interests, commitment to the application process, hard work, timeliness and specific degrees as we make cohort related decisions. While we cannot guarantee anyone a spot on the cohort, we advise reaching out a year in advance to be considered for the cohort. Our cohort usually reaches capacity within a couple of months after which we open a general waitlist. 


7. Do you shortlist colleges in the ‘Ask 3 Questions’ or General Consultation sessions?

Ans : It certainly depends on the kind of consultation you avail. In a GC, the founders are able to provide you with quick feedback on any existing list of colleges you have in mind. However, if you require thorough assistance with college research and shortlisting, we recommend availing our Best Fit package! 


8. Can you guarantee admission to colleges?

Ans : No, we can’t guarantee an admission as it entirely depends on your profile and metrics. That being said, we work very hard to ensure that you are putting across the best possible application and have been able to secure a 100% acceptance rate for our clients till date. 


9. Do you guarantee scholarships?

Ans : No, we do not guarantee scholarships as they are entirely dependent on your profile and the college.


10. I do not stay in India, and cannot meet in-person. Can I still avail Application Ally’s services?

Ans : Absolutely. Our clients are spread across the globe. We work with each of our clients on a virtual basis. 


11. What is your Best Fit package?

Ans : The goal of this package is to help you assess what colleges and courses are the best fit for your profile and interests. It involves rigorous research and a matching process focusing on individual needs.


12. Can I only avail your ‘Best Fit’ package? 

Ans :Yes.. We do provide the option to  exclusively avail our Best Fit package.


13. How do you assist with writing college essays?

Ans : We have an entire package to assist clients on application essays which includes the Personal Statement, Statement of Purpose, College Specific Statements, Diversity Statement and Resume.. 


14. Are we allowed to customise the services we want to avail with you?

Ans : Yes, we are more than happy to customise the services based on your requirements. 


15. Which Fine Art and Medicine degrees do you assist with?

Ans. Our cohort consists of applicants applying to diverse degrees such as the liberal arts, psychology, cognitive and clinical neuroscience, marketing, biology, law, economics, business, UI / UX and much more. 

16. Is there any way you can guide me when it comes to building my profile for college?

Ans : Yes! We do offer a profile building package to assist clients with the same. You can opt for a General Consult where one of our founders can assist you to distinguish the gaps in your profile and how you can fill those. 

Alternatively, you can opt for our Profile Building package where we analysing the existing profile, identifying the gaps in their profile, help with assessing avenues to gain relevant skills and experience, providing opportunities to engage in our Bootcamps, Brainstorming and assist in ideating a personal project for clients with them.


17. Do you work with both undergraduate and postgraduate students?

Ans :Yes. 


18. Will you help me curate my portfolio if I am applying for a design program?

Ans : Yes. As per our cohort system, we have a portfolio curation package which includes guidance on customising the portfolio to fit the unique requirements of each college and Assistance in picking pieces to fit college prompts. The portfolio sessions are led by an expert art professional. 


19. Will you help me revamp my resume if I avail the writing package?

Ans : Yes! We will recreate and revamp your entire resume if you avail our Writing Package.


20. Does your team fill in the college application and submit it for students?

Ans : No, we do not assist with filling in college applications via portals. We assist with aspects of the application process such as guidance with essays, your narrative and resumes. However we do not assist with administrative aspects of the application process such as filling forms. 


21. Can I book my slot in the cohort, two years in advance, before my postgraduate application?

Ans : Yes. Coming in soon before your application cycle would benefit you to enhance your profile to better meet the university requirements and beyond. 


22. Do you write essays for applicants? 

Ans : No, The founders are very particular that clients construct their own first drafts after deliberate discussion with them about the client's narrative. Post the initial draft, we begin working on editing the drafts until they are college ready. 


23. When is it an ideal time to begin working on my college applications?

Ans : The ideal time to begin working on your application is during the 1 year prior. 


24. Do you help in preparing for standardised tests like IELTS, SAT, GRE or GMAT?

Ans : We do not help in preparing for standardised tests but we do connect you to   our trusted tutors and mentors for your preparation. 


25. How can I speak to someone from your team? 

Ans :  You can book a General Consult to speak directly with a team member or send a detailed email to .

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